Free Vodka Tasting
8/31/2016 6:00-6:45 pm


RSVPs ended at August 29th on 8:54 pm EST due to high demand.

Thank you for the interest! We never imagined we would have so many in just a few hours!


Experience Vodka Like Never Before

Tom will be leading a 45 minute lecture on vodka, tasting, and the creation of it at Aqua Vitae Institute on the third floor bar. By the end of this free class, you will have tried three different types of vodkas in unique ways as well as gain a fundamental understanding of the different methods of production and branding that occur.

Spaces are limited! RSVP to hold your spot.

The ability to RSVP online will close on August 30th Tuesday at 11:59 pm or if we reach the allotted total of spots!