Responsible Alcohol Certification

There are proven third-party studies that responsible service training programs help prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving by teaching fundamental knowledge to servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol. After finishing the program, the individual becomes certified that they possess the necessary knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and prevent alcohol-related tragedies.

More importantly, employers require these certifications.  For many in the hospitality industry, these certifications are mandatory and it is very often the case that servers of alcohol must complete the training within 30 days of commencing employment. The reason is because insurance companies give significant discounts on insurance premiums for those whom complete training.

The Difference between ServSafe Alcohol and RAMP (Responsible Alcohol Management Program)

ServSafe Alcohol is a nationally recognized standard which certifies you almost everywhere in the country besides Pennsylvania for responsible liquor service. RAMP, which was started by the PA Liquor Control Board,  is only works in the state of Pennsylvania and has little clout outside of the state. As such, we offer both courses.

Why do you not teach TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS)?

While Insurance carriers do not care, and many employers also do not whether a person is TIPS or ServSafe certified, we simply prefer how ServSafe Alcohol is taught over TIPS.