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VIP Program

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For a very limited time offer, get our VIP program consisting of our core bartending course, Flair, Beer and Wine seminar for only $1195.00! You will also get access to RAMP and ServSafe seminars online where you will be able to get certified!

The pricing reflects the price with the additional $100.00 registration. If you already purchase the registration separately here, please contact us at our phone number to upgrade for the discounted price.

Breakdown of what is offered at the bottom. After purchase, a representative will be in contact to guide the next step.

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What is Included in Our VIP course?

  1. 48 Hour Core Bartending Course — Our 48 Hour Mixology Program is our masterfully designed course for becoming a working bartender in the industry. Revised by Nathan Weigert Head Bartender of Urban Farmer acclaim, our 48 Hour Core Bartending is designed to teach you everything you need to get a job, but also give you the tools and resources in the industry to build yourself up and become one of the top bartenders in the country.
  2. Wine Seminar — Run by our in house Sommelier and Le Bec Fin alum Ron Marsilio. This wine seminar comprehensively details the aspects of high level wine service, from internalizing a restaurants wine list, to opening and serving wine, to learning how to pair food with wine.
  3. Flair Seminar — Work with Luciano Spensierato, head bartender of Caffe L’Aquila and flair master at Aqua Vitae Institute. Bartending is showmanship, and Flair brings up that showmanship to another level—introducing you to a practice routine and breakdown to “wow” customers at every corner.
  4. Beer Seminar — Learn beer with cicerone trained Beer Master Jesse Andreozzi. Get ahead of the beer curve in this 5 hour seminar. Learn the details of beer production, beer service, and beer styles. After the class, you will understand the differences between regional beers, in-depth differences in the production between beers from belgian styled ales to german ales, and more.
  5. ServSafe Certification — Get ServSafe alcohol certified by the renowned National Restaurant Association. Not only will employers love you due to lower insurance costs, but this respected program covers legal responsibilities, checking for ids, alcohol awareness, and how to handle unconventional situations. ServSafe alcohol is among the most widely accepted certification in the country and an accepted restaurant industry standard.
  6. RAMP Certification — The only responsible alcohol management program recognized in PA. Similar to ServSafe, but it is the only program accepted in PA!