Tall and Tikis (H-2) Class Description

Our Tall and Tikis class begins with an overview of the numerous, exotic ingredients these drinks call for and how to create simple ornate garnishes.  We then teach multiple tall drinks including: The Mai Tai, Tom Collins and its variations, mojitos, and caipirinhas.  We then go into muddling and swizzling before we move onto our next set of drinks that are Tiki focused. These include singapore slings, swizzled 151 drinks, and the Zombie #1 and Zombie #2.  Specialty tall drinks like the Mint Julep, and Ramos Gin Fizz are then focused on and explained in detail.  Lastly, tiki cocktails made in high volume environments are taught. These include: Long island iced teas, Sex on the Beach, Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian, rum runner, Hurricane, Red Devil, and a few more.  

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Exotic Ingredients in Cocktails, Muddling Cocktails, History of Popular Tall and Tiki Drinks

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