Mocktails and Advanced Mixology (E-3) Class Description

Classes that are described with an (E) are shorter due to the fact that examinations take place on the same day.

This class explores the evolution of punch throughout history, and the traditional five ingredients: water, liquor, sugar, citrus, spices/tea. Students are taught what alcohols are bought for a private party. Wine based Sangrias are taught as well as well how to batch drinks for parties and how much alcohol and ice should be used to serve each guest.

The lesson also introduces infusions, tinctures, bitters and molecular mixology. Liquors are then discussed beginning information as to how spirits are tasted differently from wine or beer, and the distillation process and variance for how all spirits are made.

Non-alcoholic drinks or “Mocktails” are also taught as well as how to serve them in a fun manner.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Garnishes, Digestifs, Hot Drinks, How to cut and store garnishes, how to pair garnishes with alcohols.

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