Old Fashioned and Accent Drinks (I-3) Class Description

This introductory bartending lesson begins with an explanation of the history of cocktails, and how the recipe for the original cocktail became the template for what is now known as the old fashioned. Variations of Old Fashioneds, including the highly prominent Sazerac are discussed in detail.

Next, accented cocktails, drinks that derive their flavor by mixing spirits with flavored liqueurs are introduced. These include but are not limited to: white russian, black russian, godfather, godmother, godchild, rusty nail, stinger, and the toasted almond.

After each accented cocktail is made, we go over the history of each liqueur used as well as its flavor profile and usage for other cocktails.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Free Pouring, Liqueur History, General Differences Between Liqueurs and Liquors, General Liqueur Nomenclature

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