Martinis and Manhattans (I-1) Class Description

Our Martinis and Manhattans class chronicles the importance and history of the Martini--from its popularity in prohibition times to its current status in the marketplace.  Next we delve into Vermouth and talk about storage, usage, and the differences between styles of vermouths. Then the effects of shaking and stirring a drink are discussed. Afterwards we talk about the most popular martini and manhattan recipes.

Lastly, the importance of conversation and communication with customers regarding this family of drinks is addressed, due to the vast differences in how martinis were prepared since their inception.

Students then practice making drinks for two hours.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Free Pouring, Using a Jigger to Measure,  Knowledge ofVermouth, Why Bartenders Stir and Shake Cocktails

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