Hospitality (T-2) Class Description

This is a heavy theory class and learning new cocktails is not discussed in depth. Our hospitality class focuses on asking questions on how to improve the relationships between client and bartenders, as well as the bartender and staff.

Hospitality Breakdown
The differences between good Service and Hospitality. Can you have bad service and get away with it?

Building relationships in the community. Learning who your clientele is.Respecting your clientele and find ways to acknowledge your customer.

What needs does the customer have? How would a bartender answer there needs?

What needs do you as a bartender have? How do you meet those needs? 

How do you work with other bartenders at a bar, and how to communicate with others?

How do you bring customers into the bar and make the company more money?

What music to use to make the best experience possible

These questions are discussed in a classroom format and the instructor gives different perspectives to look at common problems that happen behind the bar.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Respecting coworkers and bosses, seeing different perspectives around the bar, learning how to work with people to build relationships to help in future careers, and creating positive experiences in the bar that are unforgettable to the guest. 

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