Beer, Wine, Beer and Wine Cocktails Class Description

School of Bartending - Theory Bartending Lessons #3 (CID: T3)

This is a heavy theory class and learning new cocktails is not discussed in depth. However, there are a few important beer and wine cocktails that are discussed in this lesson.

This bartending class begins with the primary ingredients of beer: water, yeast, hops, and malted barley. We go into an elementary discussion into what these ingredients are and how they effect the brewing process. Then,tThe differences between lagers and ales are explained and the various styles of lager. These are followed by various styles of ale.

The next part in this class is about wine. We teach proper bottle service and how to store wine. The  elements of terroir are discussed to get students familiar to notice the differences wines. The differences between old world and new world wines, red and white wines, sparkling, aromatized, and fortified wines are discussed.  

Finally, we talk about the most popular beer and wine cocktails served in bar.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Fundamentals of Beer and Wine Service. Fundamental differences between beer and wine. Popular beer and wine cocktails. More advanced customer service and knowledge about food pairings is put into greater depth in our seminars.

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