Bar Ethics (T-2) Class Description 

This is a heavy theory class and learning new cocktails is not discussed in depth.

Bartending Ethics

The beginning of the class starts with a discussion of the health and detrimental effects of alcohol. Then we move into criminal, civil liability, and dram shop laws.  Multiple strategies for checking fake IDs are presented.  The factors that influence alcohol tolerance and absorption: age, sex, weight, emotions, genetic dehydrogenase, and food are outlined as well as strategies for determining intoxication, drink counting, and behavioral observations. Finally the ethics portion ends with roleplaying in a situation where everything goes wrong and how to handle tough customers.

Aqua Vitae Institute’s Employment Program is then broken into Six Steps:

    1.    Creating a job list.
    2.    Creating student information.
    3.    Creating a resume.
    4.    Creating a cover letter. 
    5.    Getting your picture taken.
    6.    Utilizing Our Job Placement Coordinator and Contacts to Get A job

Bar Psychology

The last part of the course is a focus on bar psychology. We teach people how to dress fashionably for the job, how to interview and research bars. How to get into the mindset of the bar managers and meeting the bar managers. Then we delve into establishing a strong customer base and focus on how to get customers to always leave with a positive experience.

Customer service taboos are thus discussed into great detail.

Bartending Skills Focused on In This Class:  Customer Service, Limiting Liability, Getting A Job Bartending, Ethics, Handling Tough Customers

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