What You Should Know About Lecturing at Aqua Vitae Institute

Thank you so much in your interest at doing a lecture at Aqua Vitae Institute! We love bringing the future of bartending to those that are innovating within the beverage industry. We are very glad that you took an interest in our school. Below is a quick guide on what you should expect at a lecture, what to bring, and how to resolve issues.

I’m interested in doing a lecture, what do I do to host one:

There are two ways to be involved. First and most commonly, you can be invited directly by a member of staff.

The other way is by filling out the contact form here, with a quick proposal of what you wish to do and which products you wish to display! If we are interested, please allow up to thirty calendar days for a response. If you do not receive one, please query it again. It’s more than likely that we missed it.

I’m doing a Lecture here, but have no idea what I want to do or expect:

No worries! Lectures are typically thirty minutes to no more than an hour long and are a presentation of your product to those who will be using it in the future. These lectures are designed to empower bartenders to be knowledgeable about the products they are serving so that they are equipped with the understanding about what makes your brand special and unique in the market.

What days are lectures held:

We typically schedule lectures for a Wednesday afternoon, from experience this is one of the better days for our students and it’s also a slower night for most bartenders. This means that we can typically pack the most people who we believe are relevant!

However, if you can’t make it on a Wednesday, we can try to make another time work.

Who is Coming to the Lecture? What should I expect?

We typically have bartending school students, graduates, working bartenders, and bar managers involved.  We have never had a lecture with less than 12 bartenders. The most we’ve had was 30, so you should expect around the same.

What to Bring:

Our most successful lectures typically have a combination of industry knowledge and a huge enthusiasm for the product they are selling. However, if you are nervous and want to make your own lecture a success, you can never go wrong with bringing the following:

  1. A headshot/other marketing materials of yourself or brand so that we can promote you coming here to a newsletter with over 8000 subscribers.
  2. The product(s) you want to show off
  3. Any promotional materials you think would be relevant
  4. A quick lesson about the product, such as: it’s history, it’s unique selling point, what it pairs best with, where you think the product belongs, and other pertinent information you think is important to share. Please try to limit this to no more than 30 minutes. There will often be questions at the end and occasionally, we don’t have time to answer all of them!
  5. Any pairings you think might be relevant.

What we can always provide:

  1. Utensils—forks, spoons, knives, plates
  2. Tasting cups,
  3. Napkins,
  4. A fully functional kitchen with a stove, oven, fridge, freezer, sous vide, blender, torch gun, smoking gun, water heater.
  5. Bar tools

Items you need to request as we can not guarantee the availability:

  1. A/V equipment
  2. Acids, bases, flavoring agents, specific bitters, and many other ingredients that are prevalent to molecular gastronomy or fermentation
  3. Specific Glassware
  4. Large empty containers
  5. Anything else not listed on the “what we can always provide” but would like to be available.

Do you record these lectures?

We do prefer to videotape these lectures, however, we understand if that is not desired. If you give us your permission, we will upload them within 3 months of the filming date. If there are parts that need to be edited or any concerns you have, let us know and we will fix them!

Other Important Information:

We do not allow minors to drink, but would prefer if they could listen to the lecture as they will be starting their career in this industry. We do card and separate minors from alcohol. However, we understand that many brands have strict no advertising to under 21 policies and we do not wish to break them. Please let us know if this is a concern ahead of time so we can make any necessary adjustments.

You cannot sell alcohol during the lecture here.

I have a problem and it’s not covered here. What can I do:

The fastest way to resolve a problem is to call us at 215-567-7100. However, if it is after hours, we highly recommend you emailing us at info@aquavitaeinstitute.com