Job Placement Assistance

Graduates of our Core Bartending Course have access to our Job Placement Assistance program which is run by the Student Services Office.

This includes but is not limited to: what to expect in an interview, cover letter help, resume help,  our job postings online, and our general knowledge about how to land a job in this industry.  We also help with resume photos!

Our job postings are located here on our Facebook Alumni page.

Note: you must be a graduate to gain access to our Facebook alumni page.

Graduate Job Placement Resources:

Dream list
Six Step Job Placement Guide

How we find jobs: We find jobs in multiple ways. One of the primary ways we find job is through our "Hire A Bartender" page on our website. We also have built connections with neighboring bars and managers in the industry who are interested in our students.  The third major way we gain jobs is by aggregating relevant job postings from different online sites. Afterwards we get in contact with the manager to find out exactly what they are looking for and post a more detailed explanation on our Alumni page. The fourth way we do this is by requesting a dream list from each of our graduates.

From that dream list, we call every single place and give the requesting graduate the information for the jobs that are hiring.