April Wachtel, master drink creator, at Aqua Vitae Institute on Saturday!

  • Aqua Vitae Institute 148 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA, 19103 United States

Don't miss our upcoming guest speaker, April Wachtel, at Aqua Vitae Institute this Saturday!

April Wachtel is a passionate educator, an experiences mixologist, and a cocktail and spirits instructor at Astor Center, The Institute of Culinary Educationand Haven's Kitchen in New York City.

April earned most of her chops in Boston where she bartended for over a decade. She worked in a range of venues, from fine dining restaurants to cocktail bars, and was featured as a Bartending Iconoclast on The Sundance Channel in 2010. During her time in Boston, April simultaneously cultivated a passion for education. She merged her two passions and founded a peer-to-peer learning group called the Boston Bartenders Collaborative. April moved to New York in 2011, and spent her first year in New York bartending at Lani Kai, a modern tropical cocktail bar in Soho, and Lot 2, a farm-to-table restaurant in Brooklyn.

She spent the following two years representing Bacardi Rum as the New York based Brand Master Apprentice, where she she built national brand affinity through creative events, trade and media engagement, and educational seminars. While at Bacardi she also helped to launch the Facundo ultra-premium rum collection.

April spent the past year as Director of Trade Advocacy for Solbeso, the world's first cacao spirit, collaborating with founders on all aspects of marketing and sales, educating trade and consumers, and designing and executing tastings and advocacy initiatives.

In addition to teaching, and consulting with Swig + Swallow, April recently started a social media 'campaign' to share her passion for Mocktails with the world. April developed, styled, and photographed all recipes. View the images here, recipes are imbedded in the blog here.