Becoming a BOSS of a Bartender with Tim Heuisler, GM of Time Restaurant

  • Aqua Vitae Institute 148 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA, 19103 United States

Tim Heuisler, General Manager of TIME Restaurant & Bar is coming to tell our students how working hard in this industry, allows you to climb the ladder, and pays off big time. 

Don't let his good looks and charm fool you, his hard work has made him one of the most successful bartenders in Philly. He's been bartending for over 11 years and has made TIME his home for the last 8 years. TIME is a top restaurant, whiskey & taproom, and music venue in Philly. You can't mention TIME without mentioning Tim, and vice versa.

Don't miss this huge opportunity to network and learn from a boss of a bartender.

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