Alcohol is Good: Cocktail Classes

Learn the Magic behind Cocktail Creation

Aqua Vitae Institute wishes greater the goodness of alcohol to the minds of the guest. It offers a hands on cocktail class for spirit lovers.  Attendees will learn how to make cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment with a professional bartender.  Learn about the alcoholic spirits, bartending techniques, how to pair,  ratios needed to make a drink taste great and much more! The classes are hands on, and within minutes guests will be using bar tools and make crazy creations themselves! Classes last for around two hours and guests leave with enough knowledge to mix drinks like the best of 'em!

Aqua Vitae Institute Presents

Alcohol is Good: Cocktail Classes

It's Simple

First, select one of our many themes for the class

    Vodka-  Gin   -  Tequila-  Whiskey - Rum - Holiday Themed - Health - Aphrodisiacs

Then choose the level of class you'd like!

This pricing reflects a minimum of 5 guests per booking.

If your group is smaller, we will adjust the price.


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