Careers at Aqua Vitae Institute

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Sales Responsibility:

As a sales member at Aqua Vitae Institute you will be in charge of booking events, showing tours of the school, and outreach with corporations and universities to educate others about our services.You will be responsible for your own results and bringing revenue into the company.

Aqua Vitae Institute will furnish leads and support with training, however, you will also be responsible for finding your own markets and growth sectors.

Our ideal candidate is somebody who used to be a bartender or a experienced waitress/waiter and would like to change careers into an office environment.

  • Qualities we are looking for:
  • Solve customer problems
  • A risk taker and able to work independently
  • Willing to learn and passionate about sales
  • Go after customers without expectations
  • Knows how to win through closing a sale
  • Ability and willingness to brand themselves and the company
  • Computer proficiency
  • Ability to find and acquire new markets to expand too

College degree and experience in sales is a plus. Prior use of CRM and programming knowledge is desirable, but not necessary.

Please email your resume and cover letter to or you can: