How To Hire the Best Bartenders in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

How To Hire the Best Bartenders

AVI's guide to our Job Placement Services

Hire A Bartender

The first and most common way is to simply fill out our hire a bartender job request form.

After you fill out the form, our job placement coordinator will get in contact with you and go through with you a short verbal questionnaire to see how we can best serve your needs.

Besides that, here are some other ways we can help you hire bartenders!

        1. Request access to post on our Alumni page

Our Bartending Alumni page is home to hundreds of bartenders, including many bar managers! Our alumni are spread out across the tri-state area, so even if you’re requesting a bartender fifty miles away from our school, there’s a good chance we can still serve you! A simple post on our alumni page will give you access to some of the best bartenders in the city and it’s completely free of charge! If you'd like to request access to our Alumni page, you can fill out the request form here and ask about it!

        2. Scheduling A Bartending Job Lecture

Interested in hiring multiple bartenders, but don’t want to shift through thousands of resumes? You can schedule a lecture at Aqua Vitae Institute and tell our students all about your bar and the history behind it! Our free Bartending Job lectures will not only prime your perspective hires with the information they need to serve their guests, but it will also give you face to face contact with would-be bartenders!

       3. Request Graduates for Guest Bartending

Aqua Vitae Institute has run many successful Guest Bartending terms with bars all over the city! Guest Bartending is fairly simple. For a few hours, a graduate will get behind your bar. Typically, guests bartenders are paid through tips and only tips. If you’re a bar owner or manager and are interested in taking a bartender under your wing for a full day, let us know. While guest bartending is typically paid through tips only, we do request that a manager or another bartender spend twenty or so minutes setting up.

We’ve found that spending at least a few minutes before the shift starts to help the guest bartender through the workings of the bar they’re at helps prevent a lot of confusion going forward! If you are impressed, you may also be able to hire the bartender!