Bartending and Dating with Karin from Candidate

Karin Wolok is the founder of Candidate, Philly's premier upscale dating service. At the end of September Karin came to Aqua Vitae Institute to talk about bartending, dating, and what she's learned along the way.  Below is the talk and beneath that are some highlights.

Highlights from the talk:

  1. How to find out what you're attracted to and why its problematic when you don't know.
  2. Downsides of Bartending -- When Money corrupts passion.
  3. How Bartending helps improve general social skills and ability to date.

Common Bartending Hospitality Tricks:

  1. Never solely focus on one person, or one group of people and try to connect people together. 
  2. Making the Best out of Bad Situations -- Making friends for life from the deadest hours and shifts.
  3. When You Should Switch Places with Other Bartenders
  4. Mirroring Behavior
  5. What to do if they "like" you more than their date.

Dating Suggestions:

  1. Sitting at a table vs. the bar
  2. Where to take your first date
  3. What Bars are the best for dates and what environment does that Bar try to create to make it the best? An indepth look into Tria's philosophy
  4. How to tell if a date is going very well/badly and how to respond
  5. "Softening" date awkwardness
  6. The Ketchup Problem (26:00)
  7. Ways to help your personality shine

and much more!