Our Three Bitter Picks for Summer 2017

This year is flyyyying by. Since we’re halfway through Summer, I really wanted to share with you some of the most amazing things that we’ve discovered at our school.

If you’ve never been, we’re obsessed with mixers at Aqua Vitae Institute. We have our own homemade shrubs and bitters strewn all over our third floor bar!

However, we just can’t get enough of them and every month we commit ourselves to adding one more! If you’re tired of Angostura and Peychauds (still some of our favorite bitters in the market), here are three of our top recommendations for bitters to try for the summer!

1. Bitter Cube Jamaican #2

This delicious bitters is full of acidity and fruit flavors. It’s also very non-traditional compared to others on the list. Like many other grapefruit bitters, these still whack a mighty punch of flavor but are also very light and more forgiving than other bitters. However, this one separates itself from its competitors because of the unique hibiscus and island spice tones that just make other bitters feel stale.

Great to try with for Daiquiris and Margaritas



2. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Bitters

Not to be confused with there popular Cherry bitters, these are our preferred choice. The moment you put this in your mouth these bitters pack a huge punch of cinnamon the moment. But what makes them great is the aftertaste. Whereas most bitters have a very muddled, confusing aftertaste, these bitters just don’t want to leave your tongue and while the kick of cinnamon disappears its slowly replaced with the salivating taste of gentian.

Great to try with the Old Fashioned.


3. Bittermen’s Burlesque Bitters



The flavors from Bittermen’s might not be as powerful as Angostura, or Peychauds, and they also seem to spin right off your tongue almost as soon as you finish, but you get something else in return. You get one of the unique flavors in a bitter that you can add to a cocktail. The burlesque bitters are supposed to be hibiscus-like, but the moment I put them in my mouth I had no idea what it was I was actually tasting. It was just something I enjoyed. A lot.

Great to try with dry cocktails, like a Martini or a champagne cocktail.