Job Placement Agreement

I understand that when I enrolled that there is no guarantee of employment. For job placement assistance I agree to abide by and follow all of the stipulations set by Aqua Vitae Institute for their graduates. I understand that if I do not adhere to these rules and regulations, I may not be eligible for Job Placement Assistance and give my ability to request a refund through the Job Placement Guarantee.

I understand that:

  1. All payments must be completed on time and my balance is current at the time of requesting job placement. I understand that I must pay all fees related to bounced payments, late payments, and other such forms of service charges to make my account current or will otherwise be ineligible for Job Placement.

  2. I understand that I may be in competition with other graduates for job openings.

  3. Upon accepting a job opening, I must agree to contact that employer immediately after the job placement coordinator expects me to do so. I am allowed up to 28 hours to do so, although I understand Aqua Vitae Institute expects a followup within a few hours after giving me such notice. I understand that failure to follow up promptly may result in ineligibility for future job placement assistance.

  4. Once I have set up an appointment with an employer, I guarantee Aqua Vitae Institute that I will go to the scheduled appointment. If after setting an appointment, I find myself hired at another place, I will cancel my appointments with other employers and advise the school of the same.

  5. I must report to the placement director after every interview to inform him/her of the outcome of the hire. This includes but is not limited to: getting hired, not getting hired, calling back, still interviewing, opening filled, do not appreciate the terms of the job and more.

  6. Upon accepting a job, I agree that I will let Aqua Vitae Institute know that I have received the job.

  7. I understand that employers may not require me to follow the same policies that I learned at Aqua Vitae Institute. I agree to follow the rules and regulations set up by the establishment. I understand that if there are any criticisms on the establishments rules or regulations or if I wish to improve the curriculum offered at Aqua Vitae Institute, that Aqua Vitae Institute is always willing to listen.

  8. I understand that if there are any disputes with an employer, I shall talk to Aqua Vitae Institute. If there are no disputes, I understand that I must give the employer at least a ten day notice before leaving. Failure to give a notice without valid cause may result in a loss of job placement services.

  9. I agree to not take drugs or commit any illegal actions. Evidence of illegal actions after becoming a student at Aqua Vitae Institute will result in a loss of job placement services.

  10. I understand that if I am fired from a job for valid reasons such as insubordination, repeated tardiness, stealing, drinking on a shift or other reasons, I will not be placed again. I understand that Aqua Vitae Institute has the sole right to decide what is considered a valid reason.