Bartending School Grievance Policy

The Institute is committed to helping each student achieve his or her goals. However, we understand that students may still have grievances.

Students seeking to resolve grievances or complaints may file a formal complaint with the Institute Director or his or her designate at the institute.All grievances and complaints will be treated as confidential and not divulged to individuals or organizations outside of the Institute unless required by law or with the express permission of the student. All materials developed in the course of the grievance investigation and hearing shall be placed in a confidential, non-personnel file within the Institute Director’s Office. None of these materials shall be removed from the file or copied unless needed for compliance with appropriate administrative or legal requirements.

Any person, who at the time of filing a grievance is a student enrolled in a course, or was such a student within ninety (90) calendar days prior to the time of the filing, has standing to file a grievance or complaint at the Institute. No person shall be penalized for submitting or proceeding with a grievance.  

If a student’s complaint is not satisfactorily addressed by the Institute Director, the student is encouraged to contact the Pennsylvania Bureau of Secondary Education (Formerly known as the State Board for Postsecondary Schools) at 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17126;  (717) 783-6860;