Why Enroll in the Bartending/Mixology Course at Aqua Vitae Institute?



Aqua Vitae Institute is an experience like no other.

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Immerse yourself within some of the highest levels of bartending education in the nation.

Our aim is to train all students to work in and advance the hospitality industry, as well as give them the tools and knowledge they need to move within the spirits industry.



Listen to a couple of our testimonials from graduates who received jobs within just a few days after graduating:

You can learn at any level of knowledge.


We have a broad minded approach towards bartending education and are dedicated to constantly improve what we can offer. It doesn't matter if you are an already experienced bartender looking to learn more information about a particular craft or a complete new beginner who has never worked a day in the industry, we will help you gain a deeper understanding of the craft.

Our Location

Aqua Vitae Institute is centrally located in Center City Philadelphia, right near many of the greatest bars in the state and home to some of the best bartenders in the nation. Our proximity puts students in easy access to some of the top performing distilleries and breweries in the nation, exposing students to the bigger picture.

Connecting Students to Experienced Bartenders and Industry Professionals

Students and graduates will have opportunities to network with experienced bartenders and professionals in the industry. These people include but are not limited to bar managers, bartenders, brand ambassadors, restaurant owners and many other industry professionals that are linked to alcohol service.

Our Belief in Education

Our core belief in education is different than every other higher educational facility in the country. Rather than staying exclusive and expensive, we believe that the best education needs to be open, accessible and affordable. More importantly, we believe that bartending education can change the lives and perspective of anyone—from a retiree to a young high school graduate.


Flexible Studies

We offer day, evening, and weekend classes. On top of that, we offer many shorter offerings that focus more particularly on one subject. Such as our Flair, Wine and Beer seminars. This gives attendees of our school the chance to excel in a multitude of fields that they may have never thought possible.





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