Bar Mastery Series

Our Bar Mastery Series are a list of specialized seminars that are designed for anyone that wants to get an in depth view of a particular aspect of the alcohol industry, but may or may not be interested in learning Bartending as a career. Our Bar Mastery Series currently touches on: Wine Mastery, Beer Mastery and Flair. None of the classes here are designed for employment as a Bartender. If you would like to be a bartender please consider enrolling in our Bartending School.


WINE SEMINAR - $175 per person

Sommelier Ron Marsilio

The wine seminar at Aqua Vitae Institute teaches an in depth understanding of not just how to serve and pair wine, but why wine is vital to the profits of so many bars, we cover:

  • Differences in production between Red, White, and Rose Wines.

  • General Characteristics of Different Varietals, from Pinot Noir to Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Flavor and Profile Contrasts of Old World and New World Wines

  • Wine Cellar Basics

  • Storing and Preserving Opened Wine

  • Learning and Appraising a Wine List Quickly

  • Wine and Food Pairings

  • The Order and Etiquette of Opening and Presenting Wine

  • Wine and Cheese Tasting

Wine knowledge is very important for two reasons.  The first is that there’s very little branding when it comes to wine. In reality, besides brands like Yellowtail and Dom Perignon or Veuve Cliquot, most people are hard pressed to think of a wine to order. Guests need to be guided to the best wine based on what they want to spend.

The second reason is that Wine will oxidize.  In fact, typically the price of a glass of wine at a restaurant, will be around the amount the restaurant spent on the bottle itself, wholesale.  The restaurant owners don't know if they can sell more than one glass before the bottle oxidizes. That means the ability to sell more than a glass on every bottle is especially important. Otherwise, the restaurant will never be profitable.


Beer Seminar - $175 per person


The Beer Seminar at Aqua Vitae Institute goes through a thorough history of beer, and a chance to understand beer from all over the world.  Here is a brief list of what it will cover:

  • Hops, Grains, Yeast, and Water, tasting the ingredients that comprise beer

  • History from Sumerian times to modern Brewing

  • The Seven Step Brewing Process.

  • Beer Entertainment and Service

  • Beer Tasting

  • Lager

  • Ale

  • Stout

  • Historical Beer

  • Specialty Beer

  • Belgian Style

  • American Style

  • British Style

  • German/Czech Style


Flair Seminar - $175 per person


Flair Bartending is flipping bottles, lighting things on fire and doing “tricks” behind the bar--either for a competition or while bartending normally for a crowd.

No matter how busy, or how upscale the venue, having a routine that you can perform that will immediately make people say “wow” will give you an instant cachet wherever you choose to work.

Working Flair revolves around teaching people basic flair tricks around that can be used in every bar, while limiting the amount of damage that can happen from a mistake. This means that it doesn’t really matter where you go after this class, you’ll be able to take all the flair tricks you learned here with you to either your friend’s birthday party or to any bar in the country.

The flair seminar starts with simple things, spinning the bottle in your hand, the reverse grip, as well as more advanced moves like the stall and the shadow pass.